Who is the abundant woman?

Have you ever felt alone in your work or in business?
Have you ever felt you need to do everything, felt overwhelmed?

I felt like this and knew there were others that felt the same. That’s why I started the Abundant Woman.

The Abundant Woman Circle is an online mentoring group that has your back and holistically supports you and nurtures you into a confident successful heart centred woman.

The old way of doing life, business and work is transactional, heavy, takes your energy – do you want your life to always feel like this?

The Abundant Women Circle is about YOU. It is about growing you. It is about YOUR life.

My focus is to help you because I know that once we help you align spiritually, emotionally and mentally your business, career and home life will thrive.

My goal is to help you get in alignment with who you truly are so you can live and do life in an authentic way that feels amazing, joyful and abundant.

Who we are ?

Welcome to The Abundant Woman Circle, I am so happy you have found us.

I am a mum, a business owner, a health enthusiast and a spiritual awakened soul who has a passion to show women how to feel confident, feminine, live authentically with ease.

Whether you are in business, corporate or exploring the next thing you are welcomed to The Abundant Circle. You deserve to live life to the fullest and with ease.

My wish is that you find something here that will spark a little interest to connect with me and our group. I have built a successful business with authenticity, balance, heart and without the hustle – I tried living and working with hustle and it didn’t feel right.

I want to show you how to create shifts in your life so you can live with ease and on purpose. My passion is to help you feel feminine, alive, fulfilled and seen. I want to help you bring your dreams to life.


Are you ready to be abundant?​

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